Main Collection

A claimable NFT of the short film and it's associated bragging rights.
(The film would be air dropped or claimable in part or in full. If in part there would be an opportunity to combine into the full short.)

Some Olly collectors will be eligible to be part of the cast.

As an NFT collector it would give you access to members only perks such as discounts, exclusive content

As a collector you would also be eligible to monthly community giveaways.

Road Map

0 - 780
Super Star holder Mint -
20 Ollys per Super Star

780 - 2000
Free Mint -
Free Olly's for everyone with a priority to the Olly List

2001 - 3000
1st paid phase

3001 - 4000
Commence Monthly give away Utility

4001 - 5000
Kids in disadvantaged area donation worth 5 ETH (maybe sketchbooks & stationary)

5001 - 6000
Commence Script & Story writing

6001 - 7000
Develop Storyboard & Animatic

7001 - 8500
Commence Environment & Concept Art

8501 - 10000
Create Short Film

The Project will mint NFTs at every phase to the combined Total of 800, which will be used for giveaways and collabs and random gifting of devoted community members.

Minting Now!

become an Olly or a Super Star Olly and mint and NFT.


Super Star Ollys

Super Star Ollys is the animated genesis collection from Olly Toons. There will only be 39 Super Star Ollys & the project will inherit the utility from the main collection once the main collection is launched. There will also be Super Star Olly exclusives as the brand builds it's self out more.

Owning a super Star earns you 20 free Ollys from the main collection found above provided it hasn't sold out. Once a Super Star has claimed their 20 Ollys that super can't claim 20 more unless they mint another Super Star

The Super Star Ollys will mint in 3 Phases.

Phase 1: 0.065 ETH - MAY 20 - Olly List
Phase 2: 0.1 ETH - MAY 22 - Public Sale
Phase 3: 0.2 ETH - When Phase 2 mints out - Public Sale

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