Our Vision

What Olly Toons ultimately wants to create is an animated short film that will be entered into various film festivals in pursuit of paving the way for indie film makers to make their films web 3 ready.

Olly Toons aims to share it's glory with it's supporters who hold the NFTs by letting them own a copy of the finished short film(in part or in full) which might go on to win awards in the future.


The South African Olly Toons founder Linton Nkambule has co created a project called Khoth Ekhothayo which is a hit amongst South African teens.

In 2018 the second animated skit of Khoth Ekhothayo called Khothagram/Flexgram which is a funny introspective take on social media has been selected at 2 animation film festivals. The accomplishment is impressive on it's own but even more impressive considering it was a two person team who worked on the short film after hours as a passion project.